Safe Capacitive Sensors


Capacitive sensors are in use billionfold. They detect the presence of a person – or a hand – prior to touching the sensor. Mostly, this works fine but not safe yet. We now offer the first safe technology.

Safe means at least PL d according to DIN EN ISO 13849.
We offer the only technology worldwide providing this performance level.

There are no products yet available using our technology.
We are looking for sensor and robot manufacturers as licensees.

Our Youtube Video below shows the model of a robot with two sensor evaluation moduls. Please note the lamp changing form green to red. The video also shows photographs that we have shown at the 6th international SIAS conference (Safety of Industrial Automated Systems). This conference was organized by the IFA (German Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance). The IFA has extensively tested our technology. If you asked them for alternatives to our technology you will get the answer:

There exists no alternative.